Papers, articles and reports resulting from the research conducted as part of the LiDA project will appear here as they become published.

Lawson, S., Vines, J., Wilson, M., Barnett, J., and Barreto, M. 2014. Loneliness in the Digital Age: Building Strategies for Empathy and Trust. In: Proceedings of the CHI 2014 workshop on Enabling Empathy in Health and Care, 27th April 2014, Toronto, Canada. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

This paper provides a simple summary and overview of the project for a broad audience. We discuss the societal challenge associated with loneliness and isolation, and how the issue of episodic, or ‘non-chronic’, loneliness has received very little attention. We discuss examples of groups that might be at risk of this form of loneliness, and come up with some initial suggestions for how technology might reduce such negative experiences rather than amplify them.